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2010.06.28 18:23:06

Condolences to Memhir Afeworki Families, Friends, and Colleagues.

Your kind words meant so much, please click the "Comments" link to drop few words.



Henok Mulualem
2010.06.28 12:40:10

Does anyone have anything to say at a time like this? For those of us who worked and knew Memhir Afeworki closely, we know that we lost a selfless board member, mentor and caretaker to voiceless people. My heart aches for his wife, children, friends, and DAS-NA community during this very difficult time. His efforts and dedication to DAS has meant SO MUCH to all of us.
Rest in Peace.
With sympathy,
Henok Mulualem

2010.06.28 12:45:24

I am shocked when i read the news and i would like to offer my condolences to friends and families of the Memhr Afowork.

2010.06.28 12:46:25 Mr. Afeworki
Abraha G/mariam

2010.06.28 12:49:03

It's very sadness news. May God keep his souls in peace and gives comfort for his families and friends.
Dawit tewolde

2010.06.28 13:17:23

I'm shocked to hear this bad news. God help their family.
Samuel Moges

2010.06.28 14:14:17

It is very sad news. I am still in shock. Rest in peace
Teklay Gebrehiwot

2012.04.16 03:54:06

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2010.06.28 14:15:23

God Bless his Soul
Selam S.

2010.06.28 14:29:25

I just read of Memhir Afoworki’s passing. My thoughts are with his family. Please accept my condolences.
Tsehaye, London, UK

Gidey Gezegn
2010.06.29 04:02:45

May God bless his soul! my condolnces and thoughts to his famliy . He always remain in our heart.

2010.06.29 06:54:04

Just wanted to say I am very sorry to hear Afoworki passing.
With great sadness,
Rahel woldu

Haftom Gebremed
2010.06.29 08:10:05

May God comfort the families and friends.

2010.06.29 08:12:37

Rest in Peace

2010.06.29 14:00:25

May God save his soul!!!!!!!!!!!

Idriss Yasin
2010.06.30 06:17:54

Amen, May Allah bless him.

Kidane Frez
2010.06.30 06:18:50

God be with him. and i wish a condolence to his families and DAS
Kidane Frez

Abrhaley Tadess
2010.06.30 06:20:07

Amen,may God save his Soul.

Mimi Woldemaria
2010.07.01 14:29:20

Rest in peace. may God save his soul. he was very nice person.

Berhane Gebresl
2010.07.02 19:12:50

what a sad news,my condolence to his families.and to his brother memher Berhane.
rest in peace.

Thomas Mokonen
2010.07.07 06:40:24

lbawi hazne tsemiuni be mot memher aforki. betaemi zftwo betsby neru.
mengste smay ywarska. may god save his soul rest. in peace and heaven.

ብርሃነ በርሐ
2010.08.03 07:02:01

እግዚአብሄር ነብስ ብአብራሃምና ብያቆብ ጎኒ የንብረልና!
ብርሃነ በርሐ

Belay G/mariam
2010.08.03 07:03:12

It's very sadness news. May God keep his souls in peace.

2012.04.16 03:53:40

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2013.05.27 23:05:22

Condolence to , Memhir Afeworki Gebre-Egziabher.

2012.11.07 20:43:15

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2015.08.27 13:49:07

RIP Awet is sad that you are gone too soon. I pray the family get comforted with the word of God and the love of our Tigrian community. RiP zehawey

2017.02.19 23:29:29

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2017.07.04 05:51:01

I was shocked to hear the news at this late moment. I didn’t hear about it from anyone whom I knew closely and was related to Memhir. Let his soul rest in peace and find a place in the heavens among the angels, for which he was one when he was alive.
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